Infographic: iPhone VS Sex. iPhone Wins.
Jun 2012 28

It looks like the iPhone just joined the list of basic human needs.

In honor of the iPhone’s upcoming 5th birthday, Gazelle, a leading consumer electronics trade-in site, recently released a survey that unveils some oddly surprising statistics about iPhone users. More than 1,000 Gazelle customers who have owned an iPhone at one point of their lives participated in this survey. The results demonstrate how significantly impacting the iPhone is on users’ daily lives, affecting mobile usage behaviors, social behaviors, and even their sex lives.

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The “Like” Button Gets Physical, Physical.
Jun 2012 20

As a woman, I can tell you firsthand how incredibly arduous the activity of shopping is. If you think shopping is simply “finding something that you like and then buying it” then – HA!- consider yourself one of the following:

1) An amateur, or
2) A boy (excluding my gay friends who have impeccable senses of style… or metrosexuals).

No, no. True shopping is an art form that involves complex decision-making and extensive industry knowledge. It involves knowing the latest trends, being an early-adopter of upcoming trends, and being in tune with this season’s color palettes. Ow, just thinking about it exhausts me.

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Nike MAGS hover into the present
May 2012 31

Current year: 2012.

In recent years, we have seen and experienced firsthand some pretty gnarly milestones in the high-tech industry. Some of the most influential achievements include the explosion of social networking and social media, the birth of the tablet, the rise in e-book popularity, and (of course) robots that can flawlessly dance like the legendary Michael Jackson.

Now, the real question that is obviously on everybody’s mind is….

Where do we stand with HOVERBOARD development?

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