Nike MAGS hover into the present
May 2012 31

Current year: 2012.

In recent years, we have seen and experienced firsthand some pretty gnarly milestones in the high-tech industry. Some of the most influential achievements include the explosion of social networking and social media, the birth of the tablet, the rise in e-book popularity, and (of course) robots that can flawlessly dance like the legendary Michael Jackson.

Now, the real question that is obviously on everybody’s mind is….

Where do we stand with HOVERBOARD development?

(Hoverboard meme that went viral at the beginning of 2012)

In 1989, Marty McFly traveled through the space-time continuum and inadvertently revealed what 2015 had in store for us. As I child, I was stoked to know that, in a few years, I would be living at the center of this futuristic world. However, as time passed and as our finest scientists have churned out things like Furbys, all hopes of ever owning a Hoverboard were buried next to the grave where the dream of “marrying Nick Carter” died years ago.


Although we probably won’t be seeing a real flying Hoverboard any time soon, Nike took on the challenge of creating a consumer sneaker, designed to look exactly like those that graced McFly’s feet.

The original design of the MAGS, as the shoe is named, was conceived by Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s VP of Design and Innovation. In the movie, the MAGS were equipped with anti-gravity magnetic power, laces that tied themselves, and activation lights — obviously making it the envy of every child.

Although they were designed in 1989 for the sole purpose of serving the Back to the Future II film, they became a symbol of innovation for Nike, “a testament that a shoe could always evolve; they could always get smarter, lighter, faster, and better.”

The video below tells the amazing story behind the Nike MAGS:

Just last year in 2011, Nike released 1,500 pairs for retail. ­­­All proceeds generously went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to fund further research of Parkinson’s disease.

MAGS: Check. Let’s cross our fingers for the board next!



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