Soak up the sun with a solar bikini
May 2012 30

Longer days, warmer weather, and less clothes mean that summer is officially in full swing! Babes, bikinis, and beaches — throw in an element of technology — and you have the ultimate recipe for a damn good summer.

Andrew¬†Schneider, an Interactive Telecommunications student at NYU, took the above recipe to another level when he conceived the Solar Bikini. Constructed from flexible solar photovoltaics, this piece of swimwear has the ability to power your iPhone, iPod, and other small devices. A male’s version is currently in the works and will (thankfully, for the sake of our eyesight) cover more surface area, consequently allowing more voltage output. This one will apparently be able to keep a can of beer cool in a custom koozie.

Initially, this idea was coined as an in-class joke, until Schneider realized that he could actually do it.

Long day on the beach? Never again will you have to worry about the lack of tunes or warm beer interrupting your party. Just be careful about getting this bad boy wet. An ‘electrifying’ beach party sounds fun in all other occasions… except this one.




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